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Autumn Nails

Usually autumn can be a hard time for nails. After a hot summer, your nails can become brittle and break.
This is because the vitamin rich summer is far behind us, the sunny summer gave us enough vitamin D but hot temperatures have dried out your nails and they’ve become fragile.


There are things you can do to help strengthen your nails. All year round try to eat a good diet. Some of the vitamins and minerals which can benefit your nails include:

🍅Vitamin A, found in foods such as liver, butter, carrot, tomatoes and fresh greens.
🥚Vitamin B helps to digest proteins and stimulates nails growth. You can find it in following foods: egg yolk, ale yeast and germinated wheat grains.
🥛Calcium is one of the major nail building elements, so don’t avoid dairy.
Silicium from vegetables also helps our nails to look healthy.
🥒Sulphur is essential for forming nail plate therefore don’t miss cabbages, onions and cucumbers.

Admittedly eating the right nutrition is more use as a preventative measure, however for more immediate results the Beauty and cosmetic industry has a lot to offer in terms of nail care and protection.

CND SolarOil is a good place to start; apply at least twice a day, even if you’re not wearing any polish or Shellac, from £3.95.

On a daily basis use non-oily hand creams, especially ones with Aloe Vera.

One more essential thing to do for your nails is to get a manicure, even if you just enjoy a pampering session and don’t have any nail polish!

I offer a range of nail and hand spa treatments which are lovely treat for both sexes from £15. If you decide to add a nail coating of either polish or Shellac you’ll probably be interested to know that it can actually protect your nails by locking in oils and moisture.

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