Modern Slavery in the Nail Industry

Before I trained as a nail technician I used to go to an “American Nails” type salon for my extensions.

There are many reasons I now wouldn’t recommend going to these cheap foreign high street nail bars, which amongst professional nail technicians are know as Non Standard Salons to reflect their lack of hygiene and best practice. However I hadn’t realised the human cost of these setups, many of the workers in these salons are being exploited.
I do remember conversations with the Vietnamese techs at the nail bar I used to got to where they told me they never had a day off and all lived together and I just didn’t “get it”.

Have a read of this article in the Guardian for more information:

eab2517c-f350-43ef-8f41-65ecea9b8577Picture courtesy of pixabay and DarkoStojanovic