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Quality and Hygiene

This article is why I’ve spent a small fortune on my education. As a fully qualified nail technician I carefully select and use quality products and tools as well following stringent hygiene standards. Unfortunately the nail industry in the U.K. isn’t regulated so anyone can pick up some gels and a lamp and declare themselves a nail technician.

It saddens me that this is the case, when I decided I’d like to be a nail technician I wanted to be the best that I could be and that to me meant investing in training and a quality brand.

In many high street salons foreign nationals work and display training certificates, however their methods of working suggest that these certificates aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Before I trained I used to go to such a salon for my nail extensions and those certificates made me feel safe. Now that I’m properly trained I realise that the story below could have been me! None of the tools used by the technicians I saw were cleaned and disinfected between clients, they were just churning out set after set of nails as quickly as possible on a cash only basis. Have a read of the attached and be aware of what can happen. Nail treatments should never hurt, if you feel any pain at all get it checked by your doctor.

f71342dd-bc4e-49e7-bfdc-a04281de67a5Picture courtesy of pixabay and StockSnap