The Genuine Article

I have noticed lately lots of threads on social media regarding well known discount stores that have managed to obtain CND products. Please note all my products are GENUINE CND products bought direct from their authorised UK distributors Sweet Squared and Ellisons.

I have never purchased my products from eBay, Amazon or from discount stores; I’m a trained professional and my clients safety comes first as cheap copies can contain harmful or inferior ingredients.

Please see the following statement released from CND:

“For more than 30 years, CND has been committed to providing salon and nail professionals with high quality, superior performing nail color and care products. CND’s priority is to ensure that the professional-use-only products remain within the authorized professional retail channel. As such we are investigating a report of an unauthorized distributor attempting to sell the Shellac professional-use-only system.

To ensure the quality and performance of CND products, it is critical to purchase Shellac from trusted, authorized distributors and retailers.”

I wanted to confirm that you only get the real deal from me 😘