Nail Myths Busted- Cutting Your Cuticles

What many people think of as their cuticle is actually the eponychium see photo. The cuticles are actually the dry skin which adheres to the nail as it grows, this dead skin prevents nail coatings from adhering properly so pushing back our cuticles or allowing a technician to cut them can be useful. However the eponychium shouldn’t ever be cut as this skin is alive and although we may not like their appearance, keeping our eponychium in tact is actually crucial to keeping our nails healthy.

The eponychium is part of your skin and is there to keep bacteria out and prevent infections. When you trim them away, you open up your skin and risk infection or nail problems.

Instead of getting rid of your eponychium, It is advisable to moisturise them as much as possible in order to keep them soft. You wouldn’t want to take away your nail’s natural barrier against bacteria, fungal infections, and yeast. It’s best to let your nail technician look after your true cuticles so as not to cut away anything that should be left alone.

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