Dos and Don’ts When having your Manicure

Don’t move too much, or use your phone you risk jogging your nail technician which could be disastrous, or you could end up getting oils / fluff on your nails.

Do Relax (especially your hands and fingers) stiff hands are difficult to manoeuvre!

Don’t eat, eating can contaminate your nail with grease, oils or other debris and could cause lifting or service breakdown.

Do send photos and ideas for your nail art and colour choice prior to your manicure.

Don’t put your fingers near your face or mouth (or anywhere that isn’t the arm rest!) oils from your skin can contaminate your nails and fluff from clothing could effect the finish of your manicure.

Do let your nail technician know if you’re not happy with anything during your appointment. Please do this as soon as possible, especially if you’ve changed your mind about your colour choice.

Don’t touch your nails during your manicure, again you risk oils and other contaminates getting on to your nails and causing lifting and service breakdown. Or you may smudge or ruin the finish of your nail colour.

Do take care of your nails between appointments. Regularly use SolarOil at home (twice a day if possible) to keep your nails and cuticles healthy.

Don’t trim or overly file your nails before your manicure appointment, you can leave your nail technician with nothing to work with!

Do be guided by your nail technician if your chosen design or nail shape needs tweaking to suit your nails.

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