Nail Myths Busted – White Spots Indicate Vitamin or mineral Deficiency

One of the most common nail myths I’ve heard is that white spots on nails are signs of a calcium, or vitamin deficiency. This is a myth, white marks are actually the result of nail trauma, the nail bed has sustained an injury that has altered the keratin structure. The proper name for these white spots is Leukonychia, they’re fairly common, and disappear as the nail grows. If they appear often, it can be a sign that the nails are dry, brittle or weak. For a boost in strength and moisture, you could try CND RescueRXX which is a daily moisturising and Keratin protein treatment, it is clinically proven and designed to repair your nails.

Some of the white spots I’ve seen have been caused by a heavy handed gel or acrylic application, or removal which has damaged the nail. However picking off gel polish, biting, using nail tools improperly, or any other injury to the nail causes these white spots.

I noticed a client who had recently got a puppy had white spots appearing where her nails had been accidentally bumped or bitten when playing with the pup!

To avoid nail damage including white spots, take extra care with your nails. Remember they’re JEWELS not TOOLS!

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