Nail Myths Busted – Nails need to Breathe

I’ve read some odd posts on social media but many of the strangest are that people seem to believe their nails breathe and that polish, gel and enhancements stop this from happening. 😳

This is simply not the case. The external, visible part of the Nail is dead, just like your hair.

The nail grows from below the cuticles and under the white parts often just visible at the base of your nail.

Starting as live cells which are round and full of moisture. These live cells build up, a little like brickwork, and in doing so they are pushed upwards and outwards towards the ends of your fingers. As the cells are pushed up they flatten, harden and die creating the layers of your nail, the oldest part of your nails are the areas closest to your fingertips.

So nail coatings definitely don’t stop your nails from breathing 😂😂😂 they can in fact help to care for and condition the dead cells which need both moisture and oil to remain strong and healthy.

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