Nail Trends 2019

According to the beauty press 2019’s nail trends will be dominated by red or nude/ natural nail colours.

Personally I love a classic red manicure, they make me feel sophisticated and think of deep red sunsets, ripe strawberries and fast cars.

At five by Five we have 4 shades of red to choose from in CND Shellac: Wildfire is a classic, bright, no nonsense red. Masquerade is a sensual dark red with a gorgeous shimmer. Ruby Ritz is a glamorous and vivid red glitter polish, and Rouge Rite is a deep, warm red which makes me think of Hollywood’s golden era when starlets sported rouged lips and long red nails.

We also have Lecentes beautiful Fireworks glitter in Flame which is a fabulous fine red holographic glitter, perfect for adding an accent nail or glitter fade to your look.

Nude and natural nails are, to me, some of the most romantic styles conjuring images of Country flowers, cream teas and picnics for two.

We have a wide range of nude and natural colours in Shellac at Five by Five, my personal favourites are; Cashmere Wrap a dreamy, creamy buttermilk colour with the tiniest dash of blush, reminiscent of vintage roses and by far my most requested colour for brides. Grapefruit Sparkle is a sheer pink with a beautiful silver shimmer that adds just a little something different to a classic French Manicure. Field Fox is a beige nude with mauve undertones, it is the darkest colour I’ve included here and looks beautiful with any skin tone, it’s lovely mauve undertones make this polish seem to change colour in different lights. Beau is another great shade for French Manicures, it’s a clear pink shade with a beautiful, soft, subtle blue shimmer.

The wonderful thing about nude understated colours is that they look gorgeous with almost any glitter shade! Which is a bonus if you’re like me and a total glitter addict! At the moment I’m wearing Cashmere Wrap with a glitter fade in Lecentes Silver Super Holo Multi Glitz and I’m in love.

So with Valentine’s Day drawing closer why not try a vampy red or romantic nude manicure? You’ll be completely on tend 😍

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