Nail Myths Busted – Nail Enhancements Damage Your Natural Nails

Your artificial enhancements themselves are not necessarily the cause of nail damage. Most of the well known professional brands work hard to produce products which are gentle on the nail, however like any cosmetic some people may find that certain products don’t suit them.

The technique used to apply and remove the enhancements is often where problems start.

Someone who does not know what they are doing, who rushes through your nail service, uses dirty tools or improper technique can damage your nails, rather than the products used. Similarly poor or excessive filing, unprofessional use of a nail drill (e-file), and soaking during the application or removal process are just a couple more examples of where an inexperienced or poorly trained nail technician can harm your nails.

Self removal of product is another of the most damaging things I’ve seen done to nails, there many misleading methods online but please don’t ever try it. Similarly picking and biting off enhancements, or having nails that are too long for you, and just awkwardly catching one and ripping/snapping it off will cause severe damage to your nails, the latter may cause irreparable damage. You definitely need to think about this when choosing the length of your enhancements. I recommend gradually increasing the length of your nails over several months to give yourself the chance to get used to them.

So in the main, it is a myth that enhancements damage your nails

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