Gentleman’s Manicure

Male grooming is becoming big business nowadays with trendy barbers popping up everywhere, and male skincare and beard products in shops and online, so why aren’t chaps taking care of their hands and nails?

The skin on your hands needs to be cared for, especially at this time of year where the cold air and dry central heating will take their toll. Moisturising at least once a day is essential. Similarly taking care of your nails is equally important and here’s where we can help.

At Five by Five we are always happy to offer a gentleman’s Manicure service which is based on our spa manicure, and can be tailored to your needs. Don’t worry you won’t end up with pretty pink polish (unless that’s what you’d like, we don’t judge!) but we can offer you a soak, scrub and mask for your hands and nails, followed by having your cuticles pushed back and trimmed if needed and your nails trimmed and / or filed in to a neat tidy shape. Our treatment is rounded off with some cuticle oil and a moisturising hand lotion.

Leaving your hands clean and cared for and your nails looking tidy and healthy.

So wether you’re just looking for a relaxing treatment or if you have a special occasion such as a wedding coming up why not give a gentleman’s Manicure a try? Or perhaps get one for the man in your life as a little valentines surprise?

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