Lecente Glitter types, and why I use them

At Five by Five I’m nuts about glitter, and have amassed quite a collection over the years. Aside from the different colours available, what are different finishes and textures for? Do I really need all that glitter? (Yes! Obviously 🙄)

At Five by Five I use mainly Lecente glitters, chromes and pigments because they are extremely high quality, they are made to U.K./EU cosmetic standards and have safety data sheets available for each one so it’s easy to check the ingredients if, for example, a client has a known allergy or intolerance to certain colourants. Client safety and beautiful nails are the top priorities at Five by Five.

So, what types of glitter are there?

Ultra fine

This is a glitter with a single, small particle size which keeps true to its original colour, but may change tone, depending on which colour you put it on top of.


Another single, small particle size glitter which changes colour depending on what colour you put it with due to its semi sheer, multi tonal nature.

Multi Glitz

Has multiple sizes of glitter which add a little more depth to the shimmer by catching the light at different angles. These can be either Iridescent, holographic or neither, just normal sparkly glitter.


These are single size large pieces of glitter which can be of different shapes or finishes, like Iridescent or Holo, some are flat and some have more texture, which helps them to catch the light. They are great for encapsulating but can be bulky on CND Shellac nails.


This is a fine glitter powder with a holographic element that creates a beautiful shimmer. Glimentes were great for super smooth glitter fades or for adding to other glitters to create depth.


Stardust’s are even finer again and have an Iridescent quality and are used to create an almost pearlescent look.


These are usually a specific colour with holographic particles that add another dimension to the look, they don’t change colour like Iridescents but can change tone depending on the colour underneath.

Super holographic

As the name suggests these are super sparkly small prices of glitter with a colour and holographic zing, that really dazzles.


This range of glitters also has a holographic element, the glitter pieces are smaller than both the holo and Super Holo glitters and are great for application over Stamping.

Chrome powder

Chromes can be used directly on the sticky layer to create an effect similar to the stardust glitter. Or when used over Lecente Layer It you’ll create a fabulous mirror like effect on the nail. These are usually metallic in colour such as silver,gold, bronze and copper but also come in rainbow and chameleon (colour change) effects.

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