Why using a complete nail system is so important

I recently read the following Facebook article in a Nail Technician technical group (yes there are other nail nerds like me out there!) and found the analogies used a real eye opener, so I just had to share it with you.

Ever since I completed my training with CND, I’d always known that it was important to use the complete system of products, including the correct lamp, as instructed but I’d never fully understood why.

Read on for a brilliant explanation.

By Bob Giblett and shared with his permission.

“Would you buy a car without tyres?

So why would you buy gels or gel polishes from a brand that does not sell a UV lamp?

Would you buy a car that was sold with the wrong tyres?

Probably not. Most of us have an understanding that car manufacturers recommend specific brands of tyres, of specific sizes and road speed specifications.

Tyres may look simple, but they are an incredible feat of engineering. The R&D spent on developing new tyres is Millions of Pounds. Tyres not only have to support a lot of weight, but provide good handling and braking distances, with minimum road noise. The tyre companies work with the car manufacturers to ensure that these are perfectly matched to the vehicle.

Gel chemistry is similar. It is undervalued and underappreciated. There are very few chemists in the World that have the skills and knowledge to develop gels and gel polishes, and most of them work for factories who supply private labelled products to brands.

Like a car, gel nails have to perform under a wide variety of conditions – including different nail plates and life styles, while minimising lifting and looking beautiful for 4 weeks. Just remarkable!

But like tyres, the UV lamp has to be matched to the gels. Not only must it generate UV with the correct wavelength(s), but also the correct BRIGHTNESS (technical term: UV Illuminance).

As an analogy, think of a radio. When you search for a radio station you are looking for the correct wavelength. But you may not be able to hear the music if the volume is too low.

So, using a UV lamp with the correct wavelength is not enough. The UV lamp must generate enough brightness to polymerise the gel correctly.

If a brand doesn’t sell a UV lamp or a correctly matched UV lamp – avoid them! That means they don’t understand basic gel chemistry and aren’t willing to pay for expert advice. If they take this short cut to save money, probably they take other short cuts!”

Bob Giblett is CEO at Nails and is leading the charge when it comes to preventing allergies and contact dermatitis in the nail industry. For more information please check out his Facebook profile

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