Nail Myths Busted – Green Spots On Your Nails Are Fungi Or Mold

Albeit rare, the “greenies” can pop up on occasion and are seen most often with nail enhancements such as acrylic or hard gel (non-soak off type) and in humid weather.

Although this green discoloration may have the appearance of a mold, this is NOT a mold. Mold is not a human pathogen. This green stain on the nail plate is actually left by a “Pseudomonas bacterial infection”

Pseudomonas (sue-dough-no-mus) bacterial spores can become trapped between the nail plate and the acrylic or gel overlay.

Pseudomonas can also invade the nail plate if the enhancement is lifting because this bacteria can be found all over the environment in soil, water and plants.

The above image is a severe case of Pseudomonas shared on a nail technicians Facebook group, and used with permission. This was the result of a client new to Terri, gluing her own nail enhancements back on, rather than going to a qualified nail technician for a rebalance (aka infills).

Proper and sterile cleansing will remove all moisture and some of the surface oils that lead to the “Greenies” and eliminate the spores from breeding.

Once the enhancement is removed, exposed to air and cleansed properly, the bacteria can no longer thrive and nail enhancements and polish can be safely reapplied and you can enjoy your fabulous new nails without worry.

Keep in mind that even after the “Greenies” have been properly cared for, the nail will remain stained until it grows out. The key to maintaining healthy nails is proper care, maintenance and cleanliness. If you are at all worried always get checked by a Doctor, as nail technicians we are trained to recognise nail conditions but not to diagnose them, I would always suggest that you see a doctor or pharmacist.

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