Nail Myths Busted – UV Gels Are Better Than Acrylics

People will often tell you that UV hard gels are much better for your nails than acrylics, but that’s just not true. UV Hard Gels can be easier for the technician to apply, and are more pleasant to work with as they are practically odourless and don’t set until they are cured in a UV lamp. But in terms of your nail health both products (UV Hard Gels and Acrylics) will offer beautiful, enduring enhancements and minimal nail damage if applied and removed correctly. In fact which product suits you best is actually down to how your natural nails are normally. For example if you have nails that are in poor condition or damaged Acrylics are advisable, if however you have nails in fairly good condition UV Gel is probably the way to go. There are always exceptions to the rules and your nail technician may have to try one and then the other option to find the product that suits you best.

It’s also worth noting that UV Gel is a wet ready mixed gel like substance that is cured in a UV Lamp. Acrylic is always a liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer). Before I trained in nails I used to got to an “American Nails” type nail bar where the sold an acrylic powder as a gel, they charged more for it and I was none the wiser, thinking I was getting gels!

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