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Advice for Brides to Be and 2019 Trends

First of all, Congratulations!

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most photographed days of your life. As a part of your wedding planning you’ll be bound to be thinking about your skincare routine, including waxing and tanning options, but have you thought about your hands and nails (or your feet if you have open toed shoes)? With the ring photograph and closeups of the bouquet being popular, your hands and nails need to look their best.

Here are a few ideas to get your hands and nails looking their best for the big day.

Get in to a routine

You probably have a skin care routine for your face but I bet you don’t for your hands and nails. It can take around six months for your nail to grow from the base (at the cuticles) to the tips of your fingers so starting sooner, rather than later is a must. Simply moisturising and exfoliating your hands regularly should keep your skin looking tip top.

Your nails on the however require a little extra care, regular Manicures with a professional nail technician will help you get them into shape, as well giving you the opportunity to try out different looks and discuss ideas for the big day with your technician.

Your technician should also provide you with aftercare advice such as regularly using nail oil, and/or cuticle remover, and drinking plenty of water to keep you and your nails hydrated.

Have a trial run

You’ve decided on your look for the day and just as you’ll want to have a hair and makeup trial, you can also try out your nail design, if you have a picture or design in mind discussing it with your nail technician and trying it on your nails will put your mind at rest that you had found the right design an nail technician. Be guided by your technician, just as not all hair styles suits everyone so it is with nail designs, your technician may need to tweak your design to suit you and your trial run is the time to try it out, then working together you should end up with your perfect style.

Bridal nail trends for 2019

Understated nude designs are definitely a firm favourite for 2019 and will definitely complement rather than clash with any outfit, this versatility makes them the ideal choice if you’re lucky enough to be off on your honeymoon straight after the wedding. You could also add a hint of lace detailing in white or pink tones to add another elegant dimension to this classic look. At Five by Five we like nudes, CND Shellac in Field Fox, or Cashmere Wrap.

White or off white matte nails also look like they will be a popular choice for brides this year, similarly they offer you an option that will compliment most outfits but are perhaps slightly edgier than the nudes. Adding a pearlescent glitter or powder is also bang on trend adding a subtle touch of unicorn glam to the look. We like CND Shellac in Romantique, or Cream Puff, with Lecente glitter or pearlescent powders.

Almost a combination of the nude and white trends, the crisp clean lines of a French Manicure are guaranteed to add a touch of class to your look and are set to be back for 2019. A twist on this design is the dreamy blur of the baby boomer or ombré look. Keep them simple or add a little something with some white lace stamping, a Shimmering shade or crystal embellishments. Try CND Shellac in clearly pink, Beau or Grapefruit sparkle with cream puff.

The more boho beauties amongst you might like to go for an on trend pastel colour to match your flowers or bridesmaids outfits. Wildflower colours are set to be big this year and are a great alternative if nudes and whites aren’t for you. Look at CND Shellac in Fragrant Freesia, Cake Pop, Creek Side or Lilac Longing.

Similarly metallics remain a hot look for 2019, why not match your nails to your jewellery? A warm gold or cool sliver nail could add just the right amount of bling to your day. CND Shellac in Mercurial or Safety Pin would be perfect. Or up the blog with Lecente glitter, foils of chrome powders.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour you can’t go wrong with Pantones colour of the year “Living Coral” which is a bright, warm pink/orange coral colour which would look stunning against a white dress and is a fantastic holiday colour. We’d recommend CND Tropix or Sparks fly.

Other things to think about

What about his hands? Why not book him in for a relaxing spa manicure, his hands will be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised, and his nails will be trimmed and shaped, cuticles treated and nails buffed with oil to finish. Leaving then looking photo ready.

Do you need a pedicure too? Are you wearing open-toed shoes? Or off on a beach honeymoon? Don’t forget your toes!

At Five by Five Mobile Nails I’ve been privileged to work with several brides before their big day and I’m now offering a bridal consultation including a full trial manicure, and aftercare advice at a 20% discount when you book your wedding manicure at the same time. Call or message me for details.

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