Nail Myths Busted- Soaking Your Nails Before A Manicure

When it comes to getting your nails professionally manicured, I would advise against soaking before applying Enhancements, CND Shellac, other gel or polish. This is because soaking softens and hydrates the nail plates causing them to swell up, think of your wrinkled skin when you’ve been in the bath or pool for too long.

This is not a good base to work on because any coating applied to the swollen, larger nail plate will not adhere well and may form tiny fissures or weaknesses where the coating could chip and/or lift as the nail dries out and shrinks back to its normal size, so waterless is best for creating a flawless service that lasts.

If you are intending to carry out a spa manicure or pedicure service and need to soak it is better to complete the CND Shellac or gel treatment first, and only soak for the barest minimum amount of time.

It’s also worth nothing that water can also act as a breeding ground for bacteria, so avoiding a pre treatment soak will also greatly reduce any risk for infection or trapping bacteria under enhancements.

When I offer a Spa Nail Treatment with Enhancements, Shellac or Polish, I always perform the Manicure first then complete the spa experience. Which is a fabulous way to relax and drift off after choosing your new nails.

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