Part 5 The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)

1980 Electric files used in jewellery making and dentist practice are being adopted for needs of acrylic nail extensions.   Also in the early 80’s Professional nail care was taken to Japan by Ana Yamasaki.

In the early 1980’s SolarNail became synonymous with Pink and White French acrylic nails due to a marketing campaign done by Creative Nail Design. The marketing said that SolarNails were better than regular Acrylic/Porcelain nails because they were formulated specifically for nails, and this really took off for CND.


1982 The first UV Gel system is being introduced and a UV lamp created by James Giuliano cost $500. Odourless systems are being created.

In the late in the 1980’s the first permanent French Manicure was available with the invention of white power for acrylic (Liquid and Powder) enhancements.

1990 Time of businesswomen –successful women treat nails as a part of their image. Customers for nail treatments and products are more aware and have more expectations.

The use of celebrity endorsement continues, how ever the ladies are looking stronger and more empowered in these 1990’s images

1992 Gigi Rouse revolutionised the view of professional nail services and Systems in the U.K. by introducing CND. The Moon Manicure is in fashion again.

1993 IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Networks) technology invented resulting in the first ever primer optional acrylic enhancements.

1994 UV light-curable monomer liquid and acrylic powder hit the market.


1995 – MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) is being prohibited from nail use – it was not suitable due to the fact that it’s very hard, not sensitive to nail removing products therefore difficult to remove and damaging to the nail because the nail need to be etched to ensure adhesion. It’s being replaced with EMA which is safer to use if used by professionals and avoiding contact with skin and soft tissue.

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