Part 6 The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)

After the millennium, in the years 2000 to 2010 many clients, technicians and industry leaders have become more aware of health and safety in the nail salon. While a small proportion choose to ignore safety and continue to use dangerous products and outdated practices these are slowly becoming a minority. The products for nail enhancements are being constantly re-evaluated and improved, to be safer and easier to use. This has resulted in many new nail shapes being created such as: Russian stilettos, edge, pipe, bridget, ballerina etc. and many of them have been patented too.

A Nail shape guide by CND

With the ever expanding beauty and cosmetics market and the increased availability of nail products on the market, more people have become interested in the nail industry, and are taking courses to become stand alone, specialist nail professionals, rather than it being just a small section of a beauticians training.

For the Clients, nails have become an important part of their outfit and image, they are like jewellery, or an accessory and more often women are choosing designed nails over French.

This trend is continuing and diversifying in to Tanning, Lashes and Brows as well as Nails.

2003 The Custom blended manicure service concept gives clients the opportunity to choose custom blended colours to have a truly unique look. Later CND Shellac became heavily in to this concept and issued blending charts like the one below:

2004 the first hypoallergenic UV Gel system (non-acrylate based) was introduced. Hypoallergenic is a little miss leading because some of the other chemicals involved in curing the UV gel can be reactive especially if used or cured incorrectly.

2007 Minx is created. A thin foil wrap fixed to the nail by using heat, due to its great success many other brands follow, but Minx continues to offer the best designs and quality.

Minx nail wraps – available in hundreds of colours and several different finishes.

2009 Natural pink and beige and shades of red are in fashion.

2010 Shellac from CND is launched. It is the first the gel, nail polish hybrid and is also known as the 2 week manicure, it is an innovative system which focuses on nail health and can be used by layering different colours to create infinite shades. Other companies aren’t far behind CND offering true gel polishes in many colours and shades. 

2011 Neon and fluorescent colours are in fashion.

2013 CND launches the Vinylux nail polish system which uses new technology to offer a 7 day wear nail polish.

CND Advertising Image.

2017 CND launches Creative Play which is a traditional nail polish which is higher pigmented and great for nail art.

CND Advertising Image.

2018 CND Launches Creative Play Gel in America. This new gel is described as a more affordable alternative to Shellac, unfortunately it isn’t available in the UK.

Nail art has continued to grow with glitter and stamping becoming mainstream and popular. Glitter, Stamping, Chrome and foil are some of my most popular nail art products. I love the diverse effects which can be created with these products.

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