Summer Nail Care Tips

Summer Nail Care Tips

As I may have mentioned proper nail care and maintenance is always important, but summer activities like swimming, gardening, and travel will mean that we need to take extra care and boost our routines a little.

Here are a few tips and recommendations:

Do prepare for a day at the pool with extra top-coat. Prolonged exposure to water and chlorine can weaken and dry out your nails and cuticles. Even if you are wearing Shellac which is porous. Strengthen and seal your manicure with an extra coat of clear top-coat before a day at the pool.

Do apply cuticle oil every morning and night. It is also doubly important to remember to use your Solar Oil to keep your cuticles from drying out in the summer heat and prevent hangnails, which can cause polish to peel and chip. Using Solar Oil morning and evening is best for ideal hydration. Check out CND’s fabulous new Solar Oil pens for convenient on the go cuticle care.

Do protect your hands while working in the yard. Wearing gloves when gardening, in addition to protecting your polish from chipping, will keep your cuticles from drying out due to soil and moisture.

Don’t soak your nails. Soaking your nails in water will cause them to expand, if you apply polish while your nails are waterlogged, it will chip as they contract. I prefer a waterless Manicure to ensure that this can’t happen. It’s also advisable to avoid soaking your hands in water shortly after your manicure. So remember to wear gloves when washing up!

Do moisturise your feet daily. Open-toed sandals and walking around with bare feet can be brutal on the skin of your feet and really dry them out. To minimise damage, and unsightly dry skin apply moisturiser morning and evening especially after showering.

Do keep moisturiser on hand when travelling. If your summer plans involve air travel, it is important to remember to moisturise. Recycled air in the aircraft causes dryness on your skin around your nail beds, so bring a travel sized moisturiser and your Solar Oil to apply before takeoff, and repeat on longer flights.

Don’t spend too much time in the sun. We all know that too much sun can damage your skin, but UV exposure can also fade your nail colour.

Do wipe your nails off after swimming and applying sun lotion. Sun lotion and Chlorinated water can also damage your manicure. Take a little time after applying sun lotion or swimming to wipe off your nails with your towel. This should keep your Manicure looking beautiful.

Do keep your nails healthy from the inside out. The benefits of drinking water are well known, but we’ll add another one: Drinking plenty of H20 will help keep you hydrated and your nails strong and healthy.

Don’t play with the sand. Sand is naturally abrasive, and while it’s fun to play with it can ruin the shine on your manicure.

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