Introducing- Light Elegance

Introducing- Light Elegance

Light Elegance (LE) is a family run business headed by Jim and Lezlie McConnell (I was lucky to meet both Jim and Lezlie at the Pro Beauty show this year) along with daughter Lexi and son-in-law Joseph, they are based in Redmond, Oregon in the USA 🇺🇸 . 

LE has been available in the UK for the last 4 years and has recently changed distributors, with products and training now available through Sweet Squared.

This year they are celebrating 20 years in the industry, Light Elegance really do have “great chemistry” because Jim is a Polymer Scientist and Lezlie is a Nail Technician (a match made in heaven for us nail technicians!). Between Jim, Lezlie and the years of in house research and development they have produced a vast selection of hypoallergenic, easy-to-apply gels for all skin tones, nail types and styles – from natural nails to elaborate gel enhancements. LE are meticulous about quality control – manufacturing in house and testing every batch, ensuring these products will look, feel and perform beautifully every time.

LE is a global leader known for easy to apply, odourless gel coatings that give incredible strength, flexibility, coverage and staying-power!  Their beautiful range features over 250 gels including fabulous hard Colour Gels, Glitter Gels and the Buttercreams.

20 years ago, Light Elegance was born from chemistry, quality and community and these are the pillars which translate to cutting-edge products allowing the nail technician to express creativity and wow clients. LE believe that their success is tied to yours, and collaboration is what makes the LE family so strong.



The Lexy Line is made up of 6 different hard gel products, giving the nail professional complete control and creativity to achieve the perfect nail for each client.

With the Lexy Line you can add structure, build and extend for beautiful nails that last well over 4 weeks.

With a pink for every skin tone, the Lexy Line is designed to suit every service to perfection.


Advanced technology colour in gel form that provides one-coat overlays or detailed art designs depending on your client’s needs.


Indestructible hard gels built with premium pigments, glitters and an award winning formula.


Packed with premium glitters and an award-winning formulation, LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!


Highly pigmented thin viscosity gel paint can be applied over enhancements or used to create detailed nail art and polish with one coat coverage available in Pastel, primary and NEONS!


A brand new spa line offering an herbaceous blend of Mint, Lavender, Basil, Tee Tree and more, invigorate, energize and uplift while adding a cooling effect to reduce fatigue and tension.

No harmful chemicals, artificial dyes, preservatives or synthetic fragrances!

you can find out more about the fabulous Light Elegance here:





UK Distributor

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