Why it isn’t a good idea to use glue to repair your manicure

Why it isn’t a good idea to use glue to repair your manicure

So you’re a week or two in to your manicure and you notice a small area of lifting and reach for the nail glue (or super glue – eek!). We’ve all done it but what’s the downside?

Well, you can trap dirt, moisture and bacteria under the nail creating an ideal environment for Pseudomonas, a bacteria found in water and soil. The bacteria will happily grow between the natural nail and your nail coating or in less common cases between the nail plate and the nail bed where the nail plate has partially lifted from the bed. As the bacteria grows it produces a green pigment which will stain the nail.

These green spots are known as Greenies or GNS – Green nail syndrome. They are absolutely not fungus (see my previous blog for more information Once the nail is cleansed and free of product, these green spots should grow out in 2-3 months and don’t usually do any lasting damage.

Similarly many people think that using super glue on nails is fine as super glue and nail glue are all cyanoacrylate and therefore the same, however there are many distinct types of cyanoacrylate, here’s the most succinct explanation I’ve found:

Quote from, by GeeG – Judge Gigi 30/12/2010

“There are several distinct types of Cyanoacrylate. Among them there is your Super glue and other similar industrial adhesives which are METHYL Cyanoacrylate:

Breaks down easily in water (actually attracts moisture to it, causing green nails)




Not to be used on the human body

Not suitable for porous surfaces

And then there are your medical grade types of Cyanoacrylate as used by dentists, doctors, etc and made to be used on the human body which are

ETHYL cyanoacrylate and highly refined as you would expect.

Do not break down easily in water


Highly refined medical grade

suitable to use on the human body

developed to be used on porous surfaces

Professional nail adhesives are EC or Ethyl Cyanoacrylate.”

Using the wrong sort of glue can have a terrible effect on your nails including causing them to breakdown leaving you open to bacterial and fungal nail conditions. As we have see even using the correct nail glue can cause problems.

The safest way to preserve your nail health is to book a repair with your nail technician. Your Nail technician may just remove any loose/ lifted areas of coating from the nail, or soak it off altogether. Then he/she’ll thoroughly cleanse the area and reapply. Ensuring that no bacteria or other contaminates are trapped.

Finally as usual a preventative is better than a cure: To help prevent lifting, keep your natural nail healthy, and prolong the life of your CND Shellac manicure try to remember to use your CND Solar Oil at least twice a day.

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