UPDATE on Burst / fast gel removers

The results are in, please read the following Facebook post by Doug Schoon.

The official results are for the so-called “Burst” Removers for nail coatings. They are dangerous solvents, typically used to remove epoxy paints from bridges/buildings- of course while wearing the appropriate respirators and other safety equipment used for hazardous work.

They are NOT safe for use on nails and NOT safe to inhale. The report found 6% Methanol and 84% Methylene Chloride, both are prohibited in cosmetics in most countries, if not all. These are considered dangerous concentrations, in my view. I believe an International investigation into this matter is in needed.

Share this info widely- these products are dangerous and unsafe for salon or retail use. Which is why no reputable nail companies are selling these types of products.

The report is for a product called “Vinimay Professional Magic Remover”, but these results apply to ALL of the so-called “Burst-type” Removers. They are manufactured by unscrupulous companies in China and distributed world-wide by foolish/naive companies who clearly did NOT do safety testing or ask too many questions.

That’s THE real problem, in my view. These companies are responsible for the products they sell, even if they believed the lies told to them by the manufacturers. That’s a bogus excuse.

This is Doubly Shameful. Shame on those who manufactured this harmful product AND Extra Shame on the enabling distribution companies jumping on the band wagon to make a quick buck…. at the expense of their client’s health and safety!

Please Take Action- Share this post widely! Let’s put a stop this now!

Wherever you see this product sold, provide a copy of the accompanying lab report. Share it with both the Seller and your Local Authorities. Share on Facebook/Instagram. Demand that this and other products like it be removed from the marketplace, ASAP! Please Share this Widely!

Regulatory Authorities, see the attached report and please take appropriate actions.

Picture of report shared courtesy of Doug Schoon.

Please find below the link to Dougs original post.

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