Dip Nail Danger

💥WARNING💥 The Article Shared here contains graphic pictures.

This article from the Daily Mail highlights the danger of using dip nail products. Dipping clients nails into the same product always struck me as a little unsanitary. The skin around the nail is delicate and should be treated carefully as it provides a barrier or seal if you like around the nail, when this seal is broken it’s easy for bacteria to get in and cause an infection.

Dip nail products where the pot is used for multiple clients offer the ideal environment for bacteria to hide. In this case the combination of two bad practices, breaking the skin and nail seals and using the same dip pot for multiple clients has resulted in a painful infection for this poor lady.

This system can be used safely if the dip powder product is decanted and used on just the one client. Any remaining product left over after treating the client should be thrown away. This will prevent any chance of cross contamination.

Read the full article from the Daily Mail here:

💥WARNING💥 Contains graphic pictures.

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