Christmas 2019 Nail Trends

This year I’m loving the new Christmas nail art trends. The pages of Pinterest are buzzing with fabulous silver and white designs, cool dreamy blues and turquoise, beautiful deep rich greens, nudes with gold and of course the usual red, green, gold combos. However, I’ve noticed more contemporary designs this year, including some beautiful abstract designs.

Below I have created some mood boards for the colour combinations I’ve mentioned along with a link to my Pinterest page where you can see the designs which have influenced them. I hope you enjoy them, please re pin your favourites and drop me a line if you see any stunners I’ve missed, there are just so many to choose from this year!

Last of all, please let me be the first to wish you a merry Christmas and happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Five by Five Mobile Nails x

Thanks for reading my blog, please give me a follow if you enjoyed it. I’d love to read your feedback, have you tried Any of these Christmas looks? What did you think? Also if there’s a nail related subject you like me to investigate I’d be happy to hear about it. ✨💅🏻😊💅🏻✨

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