Five by Five Review: Lecente CREATE Conversion Workshops

As well as the Game changing CREATE products, the fabulous glitter Queens at Lecentè have recruited their talented band ambassadors to offer some fantastic conversion workshops, designed to help you get the best out of the range.

I attended Amanda Trivetts course in Newton Abbot and it was just fantastic.

After explaining the system and how it was developed Amanda covered and Demonstrated prep, application and removal, letting us carry out each step on our own nails. Once we’d all had a go at, and were happy with using the system, Amanda showed us how to achieve some of the most on trend nail art designs. She demonstrated a marbling technique and some basic one stroke.

We all got to have a go at the designs demonstrated and with the combination of the fabulous CREATE products and Amanda’s amazing tutorage I managed to achieve both techniques. I was so happy as I’d tried both marbling and one stroke before without success.

I guess you can tell that I’d definitely recommend this course, and I think all of us on the course had a blast and leaned so much.

I hope Lecentè will be offering more opportunities to train with their wonderfully talented ambassadors.

Check out the Lecentè education options here:

Education – Lecente

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