Glossary: T to Z

This Glossary series contains some of the terminology associated with natural and artificial nails, procedures, and a few important product or additive definitions as I understand them. Many of these terms are confusing, difficult to pronounce and understand at first , especially the chemical and medical ones! I’m an interested Nail Technician and by no means a scientist or expert. This glossary is something I wished I’d had access to when I was just starting out.

Occasionally I will edit these posts to add or amend information, as and when I learn more or come across new terminology. The beauty of this industry is that it’s constantly evolving as new scientific discoveries and product developments become available.

I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions, additions or edits to this series. It’s definitely a work in progress and has taken over a year to get this far. I’m hoping this will become a useful up to date resource for all professional nail technicians and students.

Tips /Nail Tips: a pre formed piece of acrylic which is glued to the BBC end of the natural nail, this forms a base for a nail enhancement to be built on. Nail tips can also be designed to cover the whole nail, these are then glued on or stuck on with press on double sided stickers which makes them great for a temporary look for photo shoots or fashion show runways.

Vapour: The gas formed by the evaporation of liquids.

Ventilate: To admit fresh air into a space in order to replace stale air, good ventilation is essential when completing nail services, especially when rebalancing enhancements.

Ventral pterygium / pterygium inversum unguis: consists of a distal expansion of the hyponychium, which anchors to the undersurface of the nail plate, ultimately resulting in the obliteration of the distal nail groove. Ventral pterygium is more common in females. It usually arises from conditions involving the hyponychium, including scars, burns & connective skin conditions.

Viscosity: The measure of a liquid’s ability to ‘flow’. Or the thinness or thickness of a liquid. You will see this term used on the MSDS / SDS. It’s typically used to describe the thickness of builder gels and other gel coatings.

:YOURS Cosmetics: a nail art supplies company specialising in Stamping plates, Stamper’s and polishes. These are the best stamping products I’ve tried. I like that they collaborate with some of the best Nail Artists in the industry to create their stamping plate designs.

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