Pantone Spring / Summer Colour forecast 2020

Based on Londons Spring / Summer catwalk colours for 2020

As the evenings are getting lighter let’s have a look at what’s hot, here are Pantones colour forecasts for Spring/ Summer 2020. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Spring/Summer 2020 is a story of colourful expression, as we see bold hues – each strong enough to stand on their own – brashly coming together to create more provocative colour statements, Strong and vibrant, this season’s colour palette displays our determined desire for positivity and uplift.”

The London Spring/Summer 2020 colour palette according to Pantone.

A uplifting and bright palette for spring/summer 2020 reflecting a continued desire for energising contrasts and personalised expression.

PANTONE 18-1664 Fiery Red

Full of heat and energy, this dramatic and dynamic Fiery Red is impossible to ignore.

Closest shade CND Shellac Kiss of Fire.

PANTONE 15-1157 Flame Orange

Thus colour is like a radiant sunset, this vibrant Flame Orange positively glows. Closest shade CND Shellac Gypsy

PANTONE 16-4127 Heritage Blue

Nostalgic blue, Heritage Blue speaks of tradition, dependability and continuity. Closest Shade CND Shellac Digi Teal

PANTONE 16-1534 Blush Beauty

This rich almost brick orange engages, embraces and warms.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Jelly Bracelet

PANTONE 13-4720 Tanager Turquoise

A cool bright sky colour with a cool, soothing presence.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Creekside

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

A colour with presence, it’s like an evening sky, full of beautiful possibilities.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Blue Eyeshadow

PANTONE 18-2143 Beetroot Purple

A deep and stunning fuchsia colour, like the juice from a beetroot, it really temps the eye.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Pink Leggings

PANTONE 19-5217 Storm

Deep and rich green, that really catches the eye.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Aura

PANTONE 11-0622Yellow Iris

Eye catching, positive and optimistic, a wonderful sunny yellow.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Jellied

PANTONE 18-1512 Rose Brown

Full- bodied, earthy and rich this brown tone is warm and comforting.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Arrowhead

PANTONE 14-1513 Blossom

A soft, romantic pale pink with a slightly peach tone.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Pink Persuit

PANTONE 18-1547 Bossa Nova

As the name suggests an upbeat, vibrant red with a strong brown undertone.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Bloodline

The Classic Shades:

These classic seasonal staples will either stand alone or work well in your personal choice of colour combinations.

PANTONE 15-1314 Cuban Sand

A comfortingly, warm sandy colour.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Brimstone

PANTONE 19-4021 Blueberry

Mysterious and beautiful midnight blue.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Winter Nights

PANTONE 11-4800 Blanc de Blanc

Fractionally off white a smooth, subtle and clarifying colour.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Cream Puff (not a great comparison however, I feel Blanc de Blanc is slightly more gray)

PANTONE 13-4201 Oyster Mushroom

A pale gray with a quiet strength.

Closest Shade CND Shellac Mystic Slate

Personally I’m loving the mix of brights and muted neutrals for this spring, this collection of colours along with some of the catwalk images are really inspiring in terms of the nail art possibilities, here are a couple of ideas I’ve come up with so far this year.

Thanks for reading my blog, please give me a follow if you enjoyed it. I’d love to read your feedback, have you tried any of these colours yet this year? Which is your favourite tone? Also if there’s a nail related subject you like me to investigate I’d be happy to hear about it. ✨💅🏻😊💅🏻✨

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