Meet The Experts: Marian Newman

Meet the experts: Marian Newman

Marian Newman is known as the Queen of Nails in our industry. She’s an internationally acclaimed nail artist, the Creative Ambassador for CND and was the first ever full time session nail technician bringing her genius to the fashion show world. She works on dozens of fashion shows each season designing nail looks for Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh and Margiela to name just a few. She also in demand for high end advertising campaigns and editorials.

Having worked in all areas of our industry throughout her career Marian literally wrote “the book” on nails, The Complete Nail Technician, which is studied by many nail techs during their initial training. Her latest book Nailed it: Fashion Nail Technique was published in April 2019 in this book Marian talks about how she got started in the industry and her journey to becoming the international nail supremo she is today.

As well as being a total rock star in the nail world Marian is passionately involved in educating and promoting best practices in the nail industry, she’s the lead curator of Nails: Mastered, a global educational programme.

In 2019 Marian was invited be the advisor on Nails for the Advisory Board of the newly formed British Beauty Council.

At the end of last year Marian joined fellow industry legend Gigi Rouse in the very special The Two Old Queens talk at Sweet Squared HQ in Leeds, they discussed current industry challenges, shared some of their own experiences and nail secrets. A small flavour of this fantastic event can be found on YouTube, I’ll share a link below.

This year Marion was chosen to represent The Trailblazer in CNDs 40th anniversary “Icons collection” of Shellac and for the photo shoot in collaboration with CND, Sweet Squared and Scratch Magazine, wore my favourite of the collection Spike in the campaign.

Marian is such an inspiring and passionate advocate for our industry and in my opinion a must read, must follow icon.

Find Marian on Social media:



The Two Old Queens @ Sweet Squared HQ

See Marian in The Trailblazer, CND Iconic collection video Via Sweet Squared Facebook page

Marians Website


These are links to Amazon, (but you may be able to find these in your local book store)

The Complete Nail Technician

Nailed It: Nails Fashion Technique

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