Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

The Pantone colour of the year for 2020 has just been announced, and it's another beauty, Classic Blue. Here's a mood board showing some CND and Lecentè colours that are bang on trend! To read more about Classic Blue check out the Pantone website here:


Five by Five Introducing :YOURS Cosmetics

:YOURS Cosmetics are a fantastic nail art supplies company that specialises in producing my absolute favourite, beautiful and simple to use Stamping plates, Silicone Stampers and now especially designed Stamping polishes. The quality of these products is truly amazing. :YOURS are based in The Netherlands and many of their wonderful stamping plates are made in… Continue reading Five by Five Introducing :YOURS Cosmetics


Christmas 2019 Nail Trends

This year I'm loving the new Christmas nail art trends. The pages of Pinterest are buzzing with fabulous silver and white designs, cool dreamy blues and turquoise, beautiful deep rich greens, nudes with gold and of course the usual red, green, gold combos. However, I’ve noticed more contemporary designs this year, including some beautiful abstract… Continue reading Christmas 2019 Nail Trends


Introducing Lecentè CREATE Gel Polish

I’m so excited to introduce CREATE, an amazing new Gel Polish which has been lovingly created by the Queens of Glitter: Lecenté, with the help of a chemist.  It was three years in the making and boy was it worth the wait!  This fabulous product launched in September 2019 at the Olympia Beauty Show, with a… Continue reading Introducing Lecentè CREATE Gel Polish


Shared Facebook post

I just had to share this excellent post by Hannah McAndrew an Educator based at the CND Bridgend Academy: "I know I don't have a huge following on this page but I feel I need to write this for the good of the industry and hope it goes far and wide so please share: There… Continue reading Shared Facebook post


Part 3 The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)

In 1920 Screen stars are known for a total look that is innocent and childlike, with short hair, slender figures, and unpolished nails. However soon the development of automobile paint inspires the basis for fingernail paint, and when French makeup artist Michelle Ménard partnered with the Charles Revson company, Revlon, as we know it today… Continue reading Part 3 The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)


Part 2 The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)

In more recent times the fashion for nail care and colour goes back to the 1800’s when shorter slightly pointed almond shaped nails were the fashion with some people also using a scented red oil buffed into the nails with a chamois cloth. Prior to 1830 metal tools, scissors and even acid (yikes!) were used… Continue reading Part 2 The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)


Part 1: The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)

The history of nail coatings is fascinating and surprising, did you know that the ancient Egyptians coloured their nails? Or that roman warriors favoured bright red nails and lips? Well they matched their shields! Seriously though, here’s a timeline of the history of nails so far. I’ve split the story in to several posts as… Continue reading Part 1: The history of Nail care and coatings (so far)


Nail Myths Busted – White Spots Indicate Vitamin or mineral Deficiency

One of the most common nail myths I've heard is that white spots on nails are signs of a calcium, or vitamin deficiency. This is a myth, white marks are actually the result of nail trauma, the nail bed has sustained an injury that has altered the keratin structure. The proper name for these white… Continue reading Nail Myths Busted – White Spots Indicate Vitamin or mineral Deficiency

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Nail Myths Busted – Short Nails

Nail Myths Busted - Short Nails The number of times I hear, “I can’t have Shellac or glitter because my nails are too short” or “my nails don’t look nice because they’re too short” I disagree and a quick search in google just proves my point, see the screen shots in this post. I’m a… Continue reading Nail Myths Busted – Short Nails