Some customer comments

So thrilled with my French manicure! I love the fact I was asked if they were acrylic and I could say “no they’re mine”.

No they’re mine

So it’s been 5 days since I had my nails done by Kerri Hendry and in that time I’ve been doing housework, running around with my 3 year, had 3 showers and 2 baths. Usually I do my nails in the evening, but by 9am the next day they’re chipping, by 2 days half the polish is gone and by 5 I’ve usually picked the remaining polish off. The practical side of me loves their resilience, the girly side just keeps looking and thinking ‘don’t my nails look so pretty!’d52bca42-4a6a-4606-8233-16c6640ccbaa

Practical and Pretty

Kerri is a wonderful lady, I always look forward to my nail treat and love the sparkly feeling it leaves me with � love my glittery nails x

Nail Treat

Hi Kerri, just wanted to say how impressed I am with my nails……they looked fab for the wedding last Saturday and have survived a week in Cornwall on a family holiday where I’ve been swimming, body boarding, building sand castles, go karting etc and they still look good as new. 😊👍❤️👏💅


Hard wearing nails